POSSCON 2012 3rd Breakout Session

  • Written by Grizz
  • March 28, 2012 at 3:31 pm
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  • During POSSCON 2012′s third round of breakout sessions: – follow us @POSSCON for little-itty-bitty-blogging

    Technical - Tobin Bradley, Strategic Planner, Mecklenburg County, NC( @fuzzytolerance@CharlotteNCgov ) - How Open Source permeates every aspect of geospatial operations at Mecklenburg County (Charlotte, NC)

    Open source software permeates every aspect of our geospatial operations at Mecklenburg County. From desktop and web clients to mission critical spatial databases and service oriented architecture, open source software has allowed Mecklenburg County to achieve world-class results, maximize our flexibility and agility, and ensure taxpayers see a maximum return on investment. This talk will discuss open source GIS solutions, Mecklenburg County’s history with open source software, and how sharing code with the community is a great way to foster collaboration and innovation.


    Big Picture - Jim Jagielski, President, Apache Software Foundation, Sr. Consulting Software Engineer, Red Hat Inc. ( @jimjag@theASF ) - Open Source: Licenses and Communities

    Despite claims to the contrary, in the Open Source world, there is no true single license and no true single community. Instead, there is a small subset of both license and community types that pretty much all open source projects are based on, depending on the needs and wants of both the developer and the end-user ecosystem.

    Jim will distill down the various licenses and communities down to their core components, explain the differences between them, describe their plusses and minuses, and help figure out which license and community type is most appropriate for you and your code.


    Education - Carol Smith, Program Manager, Google – ( @Fossygirl@google ) - Google Summer of Code and Google Code-in

    Google Summer of Code and Google Code-in are two sister programs that aim at getting students involved in open source software. Google Code-in is aimed at 13-17 year olds, and Google Summer of Code is aimed at university students. I’ll be discussing both programs and the impact they’ve had on students and FOSS communities the world over.


    Demo - Jorge Castro, Cloud Community Liaison, Canonical – ( @castrojo - @cononical  ) - Juju – Devops Distilled

    Juju is a service orchestration tool for deploying to the cloud. Through the use of charms, juju provides you with shareable, re-usable, and repeatable expressions of DevOps best practices. You can use them unmodified, or easily change and connect them to fit your needs. Deploying a charm is similar to installing a package on Ubuntu: ask for it and it’s there, remove it and it’s completely gone. This talk will cover why we think there’s a need for this tool for the cloud, and how we can help Devops manage services throughout its lifetime, not just during deployment.


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  • Testimonials


    • Chris Wanstrath

      Chris WanstrathCo-Founder, GitHub

      The speaker lineup at POSSCON is world-class.

    • Matt Asay

      Matt AsaySVP, Business Development

      POSSCON turned out to be a great event. Big thanks to Jeffrey Hammond, Lee Congdon, Mark Anzani and Deb Bryant for a great AM of panel discussion

    • debbryant

      Deborah BryantOregon State University Open Source Lab

      Thanks to Matt Asay for moderating our panel at POSSCON. Well worth the trip to South Carolina. Great regional event.

    • patten

      Bryant PattenExecutive Direcor, National Center for Open Source and Education

      The synergy between developers, business people, and teachers makes POSSCON pretty unique, I haven't really seen this anywhere else.

    • JohnHall2

      Jon 'maddog' HallExecutive Director, Linux International

      It was very nicely run and I think you did a bang-up job. You should all be proud of what you did.

    • red-small

      Matt HudsonArt Director, Palmetto Computer Labs

      This is like nothing you've ever seen before.  You can look at the pictures, you can watch the videos... but just like a concert, you have to be there.