OpenStack – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

OpenStack is widely recognized as a leading open source cloud computing platform and has attracted plenty of attention from developers, end users, IT companies, and media. As OpenStack continue to gain adoption, the audience of potential users continues to expand. Whether you’re building a public cloud service or private clouds for e-commerce, video/collaboration apps, sceintific research, NFV, or are simply looking for a more elastic model of infrastructure, OpenStack is an option to consider. This talk will serve as an extensive introduction for newcomers to OpenStack. We’ll discuss both the software itself and the makeup of the community of developers and users around it. We’ll learn how to contribute to OpenStack, who’s using it today, different deployment scenarios and use cases, and provide both online and local resources for learning more. We’ll also provide an introduction to incubated components, underpinning pieces, and pointers to installers and service providers who can help you get started.